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Pennard Youth

19, Sep, 2016


Film Club.

Our Film Club is almost here! The equipment has been delivered and will soon be installed in the small hall at the Community Centre. We are members of Into Film and are looking for young people to register their interest. This is an exciting development and will provide the young people of Pennard with a free to watch film club and masses of online resources to enable you to learn how to critique a film, create short films of your own and there are some really exciting competitions to enter as individuals or groups too! Ideal for those of you hoping for a career in the film industry or if you just enjoy kicking back and relaxing with a great movie.

If you are interested in assisting with Film Club then please fill in the webform on our Contact Us page or drop an email to the Clerk:


Pennard Community Council are starting a Youth Council.

We are seeking young people aged between 11 and 21 to form a committee to ensure the voices of the youth in Pennard are heard. We have many exciting projects in the pipeline but we cannot take them forward without the guidance of the people who will be getting the benefits from them. Prospective projects include a new skate park and a multi-use games area (MUGA). 

If you would like a say in how these projects are developed, or have ideas for other ways we can improve the area for our young people then please contact us either using the webform on our Contact Us page or by emailing the Clerk: