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Ward Community Councillor Position Political Party Telephone
Southgate Cllr Susan Rodaway Chair / Chair of Environment / Policy Officer Labour 01792 232083
Southgate VACANCY      
Southgate Cllr Ralph Cook     01792 233822
Southgate Cllr Richard Killick     07843 517240
Southgate Cllr Jason Thomas     07721 731915
Southgate Cllr Angela Brunt     07885 241667
Southgate Cllr Jeffrey Rogers Chair Burial Ground Labour 07967 559228
Southgate VACANCY      
Southgate Cllr Sally Rogers   Labour 07897 108091
Southgate Cllr Darren Hickery Chair Field / Finance and Employment Plaid Cymru 07531 368449
Southgate Cllr Arthur Rogers Vice Chair Plaid Cymru 07843 999910
Kittle Cllr Lynda James Chair Hall Independent 01792 234316
Kittle Cllr Wes Weeks     01792 215676
Kittle Cllr Charlotte Toft   Labour 07464 612580
City & County of Swansea Cllr Lynda James Pennard Ward Councillor   01792 234316
  Jan Crocker Clerk to Pennard Community Council   01792 293924/07825225567


Register of Interests

Councillor Name Interest
Susan Elizabeth Rodaway

Property: Rowan Cottage, 38 Heatherslade Road, Southgate, SWANSEA. SA3 2DD.  Employer: VocalEyes Digital Democracy. Other: Parent Governor YGG Lôn Las. LEA Governor YG Gŵyr.  Member of Labour Party. 

Angela Brunt Property: 54 Heatherslade Road, Southgate, Swansea, SA3 2DD Other: Pennard Parish Hall
Richard Killick Property: 10 Park Road, Pennard, SWANSEA SA3 2AQ Employer: Pennard Stores
Arthur Rogers Employer: Pennard Stores. Other: Member: Southgate County Club. Member: Plaid Cymru
Jeffery Rogers Property: 15 Linkside Drive, Pennard, SWANSEA SA3 2BP. Other: Member: Labour Party. Member: Southgate County Club
Jason Thomas

Property: 35 Burrows Close, Southgate, SWANSEA. SA3 2AH.  Other: Southgate Club member.

Ralph Cook Property:  66 Pennard Drive, Southgate, SWANSEA.  SA3 2DN.  Other: Governor of Pennard Primary School.  Member of Pennard Charity.  Member of National Trust.  Member of Southgate Club.


Sally Rogers Property: 15 Linkside Drive, Pennard, SWANSEA, SA3 2BP. Other: Member: Labour Party. Member: Southgate County Club. Member: Women's Institute
Darren Hickery Property: 26 Burrows Close, Pennard, SWANSEA, SA3 2AH Employer: Great Western Railway Other: Member: Labour Party
Lynda James

Property: 39 Pennard Road, Kittle, SWANSEA. SA3 3JY.  Employment: County Councillor. Other: PACP.  Pennard and Kittle Neighbourhood Watch.  Pennard Charitable Trust.  Pennard Parish Hall.  Friends of Pennard Library.  Governor of Pennard Primary School.

Wesley Weeks

Property: 2 Beaufort Drive, Kittle, SWANSEA. SA3 3LD.  Other: Pennard Community Charity.  Pennard Neighbourhood Watchhourhood Watch.  National Association of Retired Police Officers.

Charlotte Toft Property: 6 Belvedere Close, Kittle, SWANSEA, SA3 3LA Employment: Gower Unearthed Other: Member of Labour Party