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Swansea Rural Community Voice Project

10, Jan, 2018

Do you feel like you have no say in what happens in your community? Are you fed up of decisions being made without consultation, that impact on you and your family? 
We are making changes in Pennard - we want to know what you want to see in your community. We need you to inform us of your priorities for Pennard in order to make the changes YOU want. 

The Swansea Rural Community Voice Project has arrived in Pennard, we want EVERY resident to have their say. We are using a digital platform to run this project:
We need you to register with this site in order to rate and debate the suggestions already on the platform, but also to add any of your own for others to contribute to. The process is quck and easy, completely anonymous and only for residents of Pennard ward. 

This process will produce a list of priorities for Pennard to inform our elected representatives what is needed, and where you would like to see their community funds directed. It also provides a starting point for community-led projects so residents can get together to make the positive changes they would like to see become a reality.

In addition to the digital aspect of the project, there are monthly events, held at 10am on the last Monday of the month at Pennard Library. These "Coffee, Cake & Communicate" events allow residents who are not online, or unable to use the platform alone, to participate in the project and for all residents to come together for a free cuppa and piece of cake in a relaxed environment to discuss ideas and projects they'd like to see take shape.

Please take a few minutes to register and have your say or come along to our next "Coffee, Cake & Communicate" event.