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The Pennard electoral ward consists of the Kittle, Pennard and Southgate villages and a number of smaller rural hamlets (e.g. Sandy Lane, Cannisland) and individual properties, including farms and holiday cottages. At the north of the ward lies Fairwood Common, a large area of common land which contains Swansea Airport.


The job of Pennard Community Council is to represent the interests of the whole community. The community council meet once a month to discuss a range of local issues and to attend to a variety of obligations. Finance/employment, playing field, burial ground, community hall and youth committees/sub-committees also meet regularly; each report back to the Community Council where formal decisions are made. Council meetings are open to the public - agendas and minutes of meetings can be found on the website. Got a question for the community council? Please let the Clerk know before the meeting starts.


  • Community Hall
  • Playing Field
  • Burial Ground