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Neighbourhood Watch

A recent meeting of Pennard Community Council welcomed PC Phil Davies. At the meeting, he raised concerns at the number of minor burgularies that had taken place in Killay, Bishopston and, more recently, Pennard, Kittle and Southgate areas. He asked us to communicate to resdents the necessity to be more vigilant in ensuring their property was properly locked with valuables out of sight or reach.


Cars in driveways left unlocked and valuables in view on passenger seats was proving an easy temptation for the opportunist thief. Also having car keys just with reach of an unlocked front door was another common issue. He stressed that all such incidents should be reported as each piece of the jigsaw would aid in the apprehension of the culprits. Any suspicious situations or thefts should be reported by telephoning 101.


As a direct result of this information the Neighbourhood Watch committee have initiated the "LOCK IT OR LOSE IT" publicity campaignn to raise awareness in the community.